I've always been mathematically minded. I like solving problems and coming to satisfying solutions. In this light, I've enjoyed my fair share of coding. Starting with little pet projects, I've now programmed a number of applications of varying size and type.

Major Projects


A news delivery system for my school. Click here to learn more

Ongoing Projects


Now at 3 attempts at creating an online game and countless other offline games, I have tinkered with many technologies which can be used to make games. Unity, socket-io, 3js and webgl but to name a few. Maybe someday one will be released.

Other Projects


Now a very long time ago, I programmed a little Mandlebrot image generator in plain javascript, directly combining some mathematical thinking with programming skills.

Github: Mandlebrot.

Splitz Calculator

I experimented with Vue.js and SVG graphics using a simple calculator for runners which would calculate splits over any distance, time or pace. The original domain has lapsed but the project is still available here.

Github: Splitz.

Tennis Club Website

For my school Advanced Computing Project, I created a simple fictional tennis club website using PHP and SQL.

Github: Tennis Club Website.

I thought I'd create this little folio/personal website. It uses webpack and typescript, but no front-end framework so that it might last the ages. It also features 3js being used on the main page and for the cursor of the screen, as well as lots of other handmade animations in js and css.