Together with @stanflint, I decided our school bulletin system was a bit outdated and clunky - which it was. So, over lockdown, we designed a replacement system using firebase and flutter. Stanley tackled the backend and the teacher admin website, while I built the app for iOS and Android, and built a little landing page - although we both had a hand in all areas.

I learnt lots - both in terms of specific technologies, and my general coding skills. Most of the work I did was in Google's own language Dart, a knock-off Java which is a bit nicer to use. The combination of Dart and Flutter powered the creation of the app which was responsive, push notification-enabled and cross-platform.

We had many meetings with the leadership team at the school to coordinate how best to go about creating and releasing the app. Unfortunately it was all too little too late - as we only released the build in the second half of our final year, and with the retirement of our head teacher and university looming, we decided to drop the project. However, we did get the school to pay for the app licences and hosting costs!

It was a fabulous learning project with my best friend. We should really team up on something else next...