A Brief History

In my short time here on Earth, I've taken to playing the guitar, violin and piano. I started with a ukelele when I was 6 which was given to me at Christmas along with a self-ukelele-help book my parents brought back from Orkney.

I then progressed to the much more adult 3/4 size guitar from the age of 8, and took lessons every week from ~9:12am - 9:45 am, and soon was taking violin lessons alongside. In due course, I grew tired of lessons and teachers and ~9:12am starts and decided I was better off starting over again on the piano, which has since become something of an obsession.

As with any self-respecting millennial, I have produced some self-righteous youtube videos on various channels. The first of these channels I intended to function as an archive of piano pieces I was able to play at the time in case my fingers were ever chopped off. Notably, this includes 3 solo piano compositions which were partly intended for school examinations - but you can read more about them here.

The Now

More recently I created another youtube channel whose titular inspiration is credited to my grandmother's maiden name - Mackenzie. In it, I summon my inner Richard Ayuade in order to deliver intermittently deadpan and genuine, but always odd, videos featuring a cover or original. I bought some music tech gear which has allowed me to explore the world of digital music production.

To this day, teaching myself the piano remains one of the things I am proudest of, and playing and composing music will always be something I enjoy very much and hope to find more time to do.