Ultimate Frisbee

I was looking for some new sport with some new people that I could enjoy each week at university, so after enjoying some taster sessions and a beginners tournament, I started in year 2 semester 1.

A lesser known sport in the UK, ultimate frisbee is unfortunately an American import but is now evolving into its own discipline which need not be tied down to its gun-infused roots. It is often described as a mix of netball and American football with a frisbee - which is more or less accurate. In a game, there are 2 teams, each with 5 or 7 players for indoors or outdoors respectively, who each line up at an endzone at each side of the pitch. The defenders then launch the game disc (a 'pull') to the offensive side, who then try to advance up the pitch. A point is scored when a player catches the disc in the opposing endzone. It is a non-contact sport, so no direct tackling. You cannot run with the disc, only pivot on one foot, and you have 10 seconds to pass the disc. If the disc is dropped or goes out of play, it is a turnover and the defense and offense switch. Notably, it is also a self-refereed sport, where disagreements about rules are talked about and resolved in a (usually) civilised manner.

There are generally 2 kinds of players - cutters and handlers. Handlers are normally throwing while cutters are found running around like headless chickens trying to make space to catch the disc. I like to run so normally I'm cutting, but as my throwing improves I'm enjoy trying to handle sometimes too.

The sport is just a lot of fun, and throwing a frisbee is fun regardless. What's more is the club at the University of Edinburgh (Ro Sham Bo - don't ask me about the name) is very nice and was very welcoming to me as a rookie 2nd year.